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Capitals Biggest Bromance May Soon Come To an End

(Alex Brandon/Associated Press)
(Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

(Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

Right winger Tom Wilson, center Michael Latta and left winger Andre Burakovsky may not play on the same line together, but they definitely have chemistry unlike any other Washington Capitals pairing. It all started before the 2014-2015 season when the three young Caps players moved into an apartment together as roommates. Since then, it has been a budding bromance that has drawn the eye of Capitals fans mostly because of their playful nature on social media.

However, this roommate affair may soon come to an end.

“Right now I live with Tom and Latts,” Burakovsky said. “We will see if I will find my own place or if I’m going to stay. We have so much fun together all the time but sooner or later you have to find your own place.”

The most recent Shenanigans that the three roommates were involved in was just a few days ago when Wilson and Burakovsky watched the movie the Titanic twice in a row. Latta promptly tweeted about it.

“We were watching [the Titanic] and at the end we both said it was so sad…” remarked Burakovsky with a smile on his face. “Then 10 minutes later Titanic started again on another channel so we watched it again.”

“Latts just decided to throw me under the bus,” Wilson added. “Every time Latts saw me I was watching the Titanic.”

Another popular exchange between the famous roommates happened when Washington acquired right winger T.J. Oshie in a trade with the St. Louis Blues this past July.

Latta started out welcoming Oshie by answering his question on twitter about which number to use on his Caps sweater since Oshie’s usual No. 74 is already taken by defenseman John Carlson. Latta suggested No. 43, which is Wilson’s number. Wilson promptly made fun of Latta’s use of the word, “liney’s” in his tweet and it continued from there.

“The only thing that’s keeping me there is we have so much fun. We are like brothers,” Burakovsky said about the popular friendship. “We hang out all the time, we eat together, we watch movies together. We do everything together.

“If I move it’s going to be tough to leave the guys,” he added. “But we are still going to hang out every day anyway. Our friendship is so huge so it feels good to have someone around you all the time…sooner or later I have to find my own place. I can’t live with two roommates my whole life.”

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