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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Redskins Training Camp 2016: CB Kendall Fuller

Richmond, Va. – These early days of training camp for the Washington Redskins are bringing on a little Déjà vu. For fans that might remember some of the news from this past offseason’s OTAs and minicamps, the defense back then were showing a real dominance. This appears

Five Young Redskins Players to Keep an Eye On

Not that long ago, the Washington Redskins were considered by many football insiders to be a very old and not very athletic team. But the overhaul that general manager Scot McCloughan has accomplished has been remarkable. Over the last two years he has transformed the

Redskins Galette Feels He Owes the Team

In a tweet that posted a day before training camp began for the Washington Redskins, linebacker Junior Galette wrote a conciliatory message to the team. The team signed the free agent two days into last year’s training camp and a few days later he injured

Gruden Proves It’s a Business… But not Only

Richmond, Va. – Washington Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden addressed the media today for a pre-Training Camp press conference. As of the day, it had been two days since the team had been pretty much forced to waive promising young safety Kyshoen Jarrett on a

Redskins X’s and O’s: Offense vs. Defense

There’s nothing like a good debate to get your adrenaline going. It’s even more fun when respect and admiration (i.e., “X’s and O’s) are part of the equation. Lake Lewis and I will be debating a topic weekly throughout the Washington Redskins 2016 campaign including